A Few Italian Heatmaps

Ben Boucher asked me if I could post heatmaps of a few Italian teams for 2012/12 season.

The usual format applies:


I’ll look at the Top 3 teams in league order:







…..and then Inter who finished the season down in 9th



On the face of it those heatmaps are not very different for any of the 4 teams, and so the shooting locations wouldn’t seem to explain many differences in league placings.


One thought on “A Few Italian Heatmaps

  1. An idea for a post – similar to differentgame’s SPAM model and the TSR/PDO posts James Grayson does. TSR uses shots and SPAM adds location, but you could add whether it was a normal shot or header – given @TheM_L_G’s piece on West Ham and headers, it could iron out some of the inconsistencies found with using location alone.

    You could also potentially analyse ‘keepers this way, with an expected save %, dependent on the shots they faced, although sample size might become an issue.

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