Arsenal and their Pretty Pictures

@JoshJMTG said this morning after reading the locations article “So wait, you’re telling me that the trouble with Arsenal really is that they always try to walk it in?”

Well, it gets worse, or maybe that should be better.  I was playing around with some dates and managed to create this very pretty looking Arsenal picture:


Believe it or not, the above is the heatmap for every single (all 433) shot that Arsenal took in the EPL after the 27th October.
They didn’t take a single shot from wider than the outsides of the penalty area and they never took a single very far out shot either.  Over a period of seven months that is pretty amazing.

Just as a means of comparison here are the images for a couple of other teams over the same period:



Man United


and, Liverpool


So, Arsenal certainly win the prize for the Prettiest Picture, although perhaps sometimes just a little variety may be beneficial to them.


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